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Welcome to BC Hemp Co. – one of the most trusted and reliable industrial hemp companies in Michigan.  We have high quaility CBD oil for sale!

CBD (Cannabidiol)

  • Non-psychoactive
  • Has multiple benefits
  • LEGAL to ship across state lines
  • Non-addictive

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A Few facts about BC Hemp Co.

  • Organic practices.
  • We manage our own farm land.
  • We do not make or sell anything that our family would not use.
  • All products we sell have a COA – Certificate of Authenticity.
  • We are family run and operated.
  • We sell the best hemp in Michigan.

We Offer Premium Service

The incredible benefits of CBD have yet to be discovered, but its future starts now. That is why we are excited to help assist the revitalization of hemp across Berrien County.

  • Consultation for Hemp Farms
  • Seeds
  • All stages of plants
  • Clones

CBD Benefits For People

We have our CBD oil for sale.

  • Sleep – CBD can help promote sleep and can relieve sleep disorders.
  • Anxiety – CBD may be beneficial to treat anxiety-related disorders.
  • Skincare – CBD can help with skin issues from dry skin to more severe conditions.
  • Pain – CBD studies on pain management suggest CBD may be effenctive when dealing with pain.
  • Inflammation – CBD can lower inflammation and can help treat conditions where inflammation is a factor.
  • Focus – CBD interacts with a multitude of receptors in our brains, keeping us focused.
  • Recovery – CBD can help with muscle soreness and recovery after workout or activity.

CBD for pets

CBD Benefits For Pets

  • Arthritis – CBD may help joint pain, mobility issues and arthritis in aging pets.
  • Anxiety – CBD may be beneficial to treat anxiety-related disorders.
  • Glaucoma – CBD helps keep the ocular pressure normalized and prevents issues.
  • Pain – Studies on pain management suggest CBD may be effective when dealing with pain.
  • Aggression – CBD can lower aggrssion and problmbehaviors by keeping your pet calm.
  • Mood – CBD can boost mood and overall well-being in your pet.
  • Seizures – CBD may help reduce the number of seizures your pet experiences.

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